Well Hello There!

            Welcome to my Blog: The Paleo Princess!


My name is Brianna and I am a 15 year old, home-schooled gal who loves to cook and eat; paleo style!

 photo (3)

 The place I call home is in Spotsylvania, Virginia. I live with my mom, dad, pets, and my 13 year-old, little brother, Brian. Although my family can drive me insane sometimes, I have learned to accept the fact that I have to live with them.

photo-4 photo-3


Other than cooking, I love to dance. I have been doing so for three years now and I enjoy every minute of it.


I also enjoy knitting, traveling, doing yoga, and of course, shopping!

  I have a bright eye on my future! I plan on attending Liberty University and eventually getting my master’s in holistic nutrition. My future goal is to help people adapt a healthy lifestyle through the TRUE knowledge of real nutrition; I also want to use my knowledge of paleo to start a food changing revolution!

My purpose for The Paleo Princess is to share my own paleo recipes, knowledge, adventures, and inspiration with you! Also, feel free to ask any questions; I greatly appreciate any feedback! Most importantly, I hope that I am able to greatly inspire, encourage, and support you on your journey to living a healthy, happy lifestyle!

So long for now, my paleo princesses and princes!


17 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I have personally experienced your Paleo cooking and LOVED it! I look forward to seeing the recipes that you share on here!I know if anyone can inspire and encourage me to living a healthy and happy Paleo lifestyle, you can Brianna! 🙂

  2. Hi Brianna! I’m so looking forward to your inspiring posts and recipes! I’m currently on the AutoImmune Protocol so I’ll be looking for some new things to try! Good for you for following your passion so young :0)

    • Hey Meg!
      Thanks for checking out my blog! I will make sure to come up with lots of auto immune friendly recipes for you!
      Thank you for the encouragement and I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!

  3. Wow Brianna…you rock. I also have tasted some of your recipes from Thanksgiving dinner and thought it wouldn’t be as good as what I am used to but I must say they were delicious dishes. Look forward to reading your healthy lifestyle blog. Love, FeFe

    • Lol, hi aunt Debbie! Please do try my recipes sometime, maybe next time you come down I will make something for you! I believe in you and that you can learn to love healthy foods and loose weight!
      Love you and thanks for reading

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