What I’m up to this Week

I hate sitting for long periods of time….especially when there is a big guy with his seat laid as far back as possible so that he can watch “Days of our Lives” on his old 90’s laptop, sitting in front of me. It seems like this happens to me every time we travel, but really, how far does your seat need to be laid back? And also another question for you sir, how loud does the volume on your headphones need to be, because I can totally hear every conversation Allison Sweeny is having with her boyfriend about how he doesn’t love her.

I bet you all are wondering where I’m going? Actually, I bet none of you really care where I’m going, but I’m going to tell you anyways, because I am SUPER excited!

This weekend I will be attending Brittany Angell’s culinary retreat in Vermont, as it was one of my Christmas gifts I received (thanks mom and dad!). So this week I will not be posting any recipes, but I will be sharing my experience, through the screen, with you.

If you all have never gone over and checked out Brittany’s website, do it right now! Just looking at her recipes make me want to lick the screen, I mean, I bet you would too. Everything from Oreo’s, Calzones (which were AMAZING, btw), her collection of spiralized sweet potato pasta recipes, and heck, even doughnuts, Brittany has a recipe for everything. All of her amazing recipes are gluten free, and most of them are paleo or have a paleo option. I also highly recommend signing up for “Club Angel”, which is basically her VIP group. You get tons of benefits such as discounts from online retailers, her breakfast ebook, and of course, her exclusive recipes for Club Angel members only. All this for only $10. Now that is $10 well spent.

I love how Brittany is creative with food and recreates recipes of our old favorites instead of keeping it simple. I can’t wait to cook with her in Vermont!

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