Brittany Angell’s Culinary Retreat

I was sad to wake up in my own bed this morning after my wonderful culinary retreat in Vermont. It was weird to wake up to the sound of my brother’s obnoxious voice, talking about snowboarding, rather than my new group of friends I had made, chatting and having conversations about health, food, and stories of their own.

This past week was such an amazing adventure. I got to meet the beautiful Brittany Angell herself, ate some delicious food, baked some goodies, froze my booty off, and met some amazing people who share the same interest in living a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t have been more blessed!

The house we stayed in was a retreat home located on the country side up in Vermont called “Good Commons.” It was such a sweet little place. Not fancy by any means, but a cozy, homey place we all called home for the weekend.

Good Commons retreat home

Good Commons retreat home

The food we ate while being here was superb. Our chef, Alejandra Ramos, took each and every one of our dietary needs and constructed our meals. She made sure there was something for everyone. And boy, can this girl cook! I couldn’t believe what I was eating was all gluten, grain, and dairy free. Not only were the main meals fabulous, but the desserts were out of this world. From her apple crumble to the moist, flourless, chocolate almond cake, I just couldn’t stop myself from getting seconds!

Me and our beautiful chef, Alejandra.

Me and our beautiful chef, Alejandra.

This trip was extremely exciting for me because I got to meet one of my favorite food bloggers, Brittany Angell. She is not only an amazing baker, but is so knowledgeable in the whole area of health and blogging, and it was really great to be able to talk to her and get advice.

Brittany signed my apron!

Brittany signed my apron!

She held two baking demos during the trip. The first night we made her “Life Changing Chocolate Chip Cookies,” which really were life changing! In addition, we also made her grain-free croissants; which the recipe doesn’t even come out until fall. I can’t tell you exactly when the recipe will be released, but I can tell you how delicious they are!

Baking demo #2 was my favorite. We watched her make a beautiful Stromboli. We also made “Fig Newtons,” in which she asked me to help! I felt so honored that I was able to work alongside one of my baking idols.

Helping Brittany make "Fig Newtons"

Helping Brittany make “Fig Newtons”

What made the trip so memorable were the people who shared this time with me. Of course, I was the only kid there, but I really did fit right in. We had a wonderful group of women (and Jon!) who were so kind, and it was great being around people who share similar interests and ways of eating. We could all talk for hours to each other, whether we were at the table, riding in the car, or sitting up late at night, talking in the loft, we always had something to share, and there was never a dull moment.

What a beautiful bunch!

What a beautiful bunch!

I hope to keep in touch with all of the new friends I have made, and hopefully see them again soon.

This culinary retreat has been an extremely wonderful and knowledgeable experience for me, and I hope to do something just like it again.

5 thoughts on “Brittany Angell’s Culinary Retreat

  1. Hi there Brittany,… I’m not on the computer alot,..but I just read your wonderful summary of our weekend getaway! GREAT PRESENTATION!! You hit it on the nail,…I could have never described it as well as you have, and you are right-we were all so very lucky to have enjoyed one another’s company as we did!!! I have to be honest and acknowledge what a incredible surprise it was to have such an accomplished young lady as yourself there with us all,… Each time you engaged us in conversation we all smiled ear-to-ear, loving all the info you shared during the trip…. We will all be watching & cheering you on,.. cuz there is no denying that you have an exciting future unfolding before your feet (or kitchen) now!!!!!!!!! You are loved by many…. Jamie Orr …. (the other ‘ol lady’ standing next to you)

    • Hey Jamie, your comment brought such a huge smile to my face; thank you! We really did have a fantastic time and I hope all are able to meet up again sometime in the future!
      Thank you for the encouragement and thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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