Cookie Dough Dip




Raw cookie dough is meant to be eaten.

You know those silly little labels on the cookie dough tubes, telling you not to eat the dough uncooked because of the risk of salmonella? Yeah, those are lies; because if cookie dough was not meant to be eaten raw, why would it taste so delicious? Please explain that to me….

But, if you are one of those people who believes in the labels, and you don’t want to eat the raw dough because you like to play by the rules, you could just make this cookie dough dip instead.

Heck, even if you do enjoy eating raw cookie dough, make this dip.

I think I have the recipe down by heart at the time being; as I made it four times last weekend for 4th of July parties, and it went way too quickly! I have had many people ask for the recipe, so if you were one of them, here it is!

Everything you love about cookie dough, the chocolate chips and the whole cookie-ness of it all, in one healthy easy-to-make dip. Perfect as a dip for strawberries, apples, or even graham crackers! (Gluten-free ones, of course) 😉

Or you could just forget about dipping and enjoy it by the spoonful….

….I promise I won’t tell!



2 cups raw cashews, soaked in water overnight (at least 8 hours); reserve soaking liquid

¼ cup powdered coconut palm sugar (*to powder, simply run the sugar through a blender or food processor until fine.)

1 tbsp. coconut butter

1 tbsp. ghee, softened

35 drops of liquid stevia

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/8 tsp sea salt

½ cup Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips


1. Add soaked cashews to a blender, along with 5 tbsp. of the reserved soaking water, and blend until the cashews resemble a thick, cream cheese-like texture.

2. Transfer the “cashew cream cheese” to a large bowl or standing mixer and add powdered coconut palm sugar, coconut butter, ghee, liquid stevia, vanilla extract, and sea salt. Mix very well.

3. Finally, mix in those chocolaty chocolate chips. Cover and refrigerate until you are ready to enjoy.



Question of the day: “Do you love cookie dough, or do you prefer your cookies baked?”

~How could I ever choose; give me them both!





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